The world is full of families. However, not everyone is in healthy balance. That's why we exist: to take care of you in the context of those who are significant to you, so that love never fails. 

Family Therapy is done through dialogue between you and your Family, through the mediation of a Therapist. 

This communication occurs as the sessions unfold and may involve not all Family members but those who, on the advice of the Therapist and their suggestion, should be present. 

Whether they are problems related to intimate conflicts, coupled challenges, leadership challenges, parenting, or infertility, all these stimuli involve all, with the commitment to help each other in the search for consensus, balance and affection. 

What we seek, all of us within our families, is integration, affection, understanding and unconditional acceptance. The fact that we may not be integrated does not mean they do not love us, that we do not have acceptable behavior, or that the Family makes behavioral mistakes. 

On the contrary, families often strive to do their best but can't get around generational, affective, communicational, and other obstacles. 

Therefore, we stress in our sessions that, each within their competences, contribute in a different way to the resolution of the challenges. 

Those who have already done Family Therapy know how enriching and wonderful it is to be protected by a support network that they often did not even know existed.